Learn More About Marketing in The Moment

Marketers and their agencies are under increasing pressure to convert more customers with less budget. Learn more about how to engage your customer, at the moment it matters, to deliver the greatest performance.

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Marketing in the Moment is Marketing That Performs

Rocket Fuel helps marketers and their agencies connect with their customers at the moment of influence. Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact Study (March 2012 - March 2013) found that we delivered 229% better ROI for agencies and 192% better ROI for advertisers, during the year time period.


Introducing Rocket Fuel’s Programmatic Marketing Platform

Engage your consumers at the moment it matters.  Rocket Fuel’s platform is designed to optimize marketing spend across channels like display, video, mobile, and social to produce optimal business outcomes.  This increases sales, drives brand equity, and personalizes customer interactions simultaneously across all addressable programmatic channels.

Artificial Intelligence
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Calculating the Moment That Matters

Moment Scoring™ is the real-time calculation of a score for each ad insertion. Using the personalized, anonymous data generated by an individual -- at a precise moment in time, on most devices, Rocket Fuel can help determine how likely they are to respond to your ad.

Moment Scoring is uniquely enabled by Rocket Fuel's massive Big Data architecture. Advanced machine learning algorithms continuously improve Moment Scoring by learning what has worked in the past to inform and enhance the next marketing moment of influence.

See Why 96 of the Ad Age 100 Choose Rocket Fuel As Their Technology Partner

Over 1,500 of the world’s brands rely on Rocket Fuel to power their display, mobile, video, and social media initiatives.

Whether through managed services or self-serve technology, Rocket Fuel makes it simpler to reach consumers at the right moment.

We make it easy for you to work exactly the way you want to work. Want to use our DSP to run advertising using the data from your DMP? No problem. Want to use our DMP, but other DSPs? Done. Want to use our complete platform and snap it into your larger ecosystem? No sweat. Our platform can complement and optimize any other marketing system.

Ignite Your Career with Rocket Fuel

One of the best benefits of working here is the people you work with.  They’re not only smart and passionate about what they’re doing, but they push each other to be better. Our infrastructure has grown substantially, and is still growing fast!  Interested in joining our expert team and collaborating on the next wave of marketing technology? Visit our Careers page to learn more.