Building Strong Results and Strong Relationships with Agencies like Bloom Ads.

When Los Angeles-based Bloom Ads was shopping for a programmatic partner, they had a lot to consider. Sure, the technology was important, but the close-knit agency also needed a level of service that could keep up with their uncompromising work ethic and would not disrupt…read more»

Rocket Fuel's 12 Days of Ad Tech: Mark Torrance

“Agencies will reinvent their relationships with advertisers."  - Mark Torrance CTO Agencies will reinvent their role for advertisers as strategic and creative partners by learning to use data and insights from programmatic campaigns and data management platforms (DMPs). By using the best available technologies and solutions to…read more»

Rocket Fuel's 12 Days of Ad Tech: Doug Miller

“Branding will go fully programmatic.” - Doug Miller, VP, Analytics Consumers are moving quickly, and predicting what will be relevant and effective down the road isn’t easy--what worked best today won’t always work in the future. In 2015, brand marketers will begin moving from a…read more»

Rocket Fuel's 12 Days of Ad Tech: Eric Porres

Campaigns will die, and marketers will go “always-on” in 2015.”  - Eric Porres, CMO The proliferation of media consumption devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets, phablets) combined with increased options for consumer attention (whether it be streaming, on-demand, time-shifted, and/or place-shifted access) present a significant challenge for…read more»

Rocket Fuel's 12 Days of Ad Tech: Shobhana Ahluwalia

“Technologies will converge into powerful and intelligent marketing hubs.” - Shobhana Ahluwalia, VP IT With these powerful marketing hubs, savvy marketers will be able to control the content, timing, and frequency of all addressable messaging to their customers. They will be telling an immersive story…read more»