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This Machine Can Learn About the World Just by Watching It

Unless you're currently writing a thesis, it's easy to forget the massive scope of information available on the internet on any (and I mean any) subject. In fact, it's enough information for data-hungry AI systems to learn, in real time, about almost anything. The possibilities are endless. Called LEVAN (Learning EVerything About ANything), it's best described as a hopped-up search engine, but one imbued with powerful algorithms and artificial intelligence. The system, which was developed by computer scientists from the University of Washington and the…read more»

Stunning Data Visualization Tracks a Day in the Life of One NYC Cab Driver

Every wondered what a day in the life of a New York City cab driver is like? Their routes are seemingly random, but given enough data, a method for their madness starts to come into focus. The good ones know how to optimize their routes…read more»

Jul 29, 2014 / Big data, Data

Artificial Intelligence Identifies the Musical Progression of the Beatles

Just when you think you know all there is to know about something, artificial intelligence comes along and teaches you a thing or two. For advertisers, it's usually mining unique insights about their audience. For fans of the Beatles, it's identifying patterns in the progression…read more»

Real Customers, Real Results: Booyah Advertising and Morpheus Media

There’s a ton of hype around Big Data in digital advertising—enough that agencies are feeling intense pressure from clients to find a way to tap into its potential. But given Big Data’s immense size, it was nearly impossible for media planners, left to their own…read more»

Here's Why One Day You Will Probably Fall in Love With a Robot

As dependence on artificial intelligence grows, the relationship between man and machine is bound to get a bit more intimate. Science fiction (see Spike Jonze’s Her) portrays a future where humans fall deeply in love with computer programs, but a more…professional relationship between the two…read more»