Preparing for 2016 Part II: Looking at the Issues

American politics are far from the Red/Blue dichotomy depicted by the media during election season. Rarely do people strongly agree with just one political party on every issue along party lines. For political advertisers, adhering to preconceived notions about what individuals believe based solely on…Read More»

A Tale of Two Travelers

For marketing to a consumer, there are the best of times and there are the worst of times. For instance, retailers have long known that planning initiatives around seasonal events like holidays can mean a boost in ROI. But we set to find out if…Read More»

Jul 22, 2015 / Research, Travel

Programmatic Strategies for the Telecom Marketer

To gain an advantage in the competitive and temperamental telecom industry, marketers are adopting data-intensive programmatic advertising strategies to help grow and retain their fickle customer bases. But simply having a programmatic strategy isn't enough; those that best leverage their first-party data will be the…Read More»

Jul 08, 2015 / Programmatic-buying, Telco

Rocket Fuel's Cross-Device Optimization

Until now, creating a compelling cross-device consumer journey had as much to do with detective work as it did marketing. Advertisers were forced to piece together a consumer’s online behavior across all of his or her owned devices, each of which had its own unique…Read More»

Download Rocket Fuel's Creative Optimization Infographic

The human psyche is a funny, fickle thing. While you may be reaching the right people with your digital advertising, the ads they see may not be doing enough to inspire them to take action. Within each ad, there are numerous variables that all play…Read More»