Creative Optimization Guide For Programmatic Advertising
Creative Optimization Guide For Programmatic Advertising


Airlines Using Data to Reach Flyers in Real Time

For today's marketers, reaching consumers at key touchpoints across the consumer journey is essential. For Airlines, this includes the booking, check-in, security, airport lounge, flight, and the ride home from the airport and beyond. Airlines can use this data to identify customer behavior patterns and…Read More»

Artificial Intelligence is Ready for Business

Very soon, businesses without artificial intelligence systems will probably be viewed as antiquated. With the enormous amounts of data generated every day, AI is becoming necessary for "activating" it, or generating insights that can dependably guide business decisions.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an idea that…Read More»

Ad Viewability Guide for 2015

This is the second in a series of blog posts that will provide guidance and insight into viewability, an emerging standard within the digital advertising industry. By Kristin Stannard, Product Marketing Manager In Q4 of 2014, conversions/CTR, reach and viewability were identified as the most…Read More»

Spotlight: Reach People, Not Devices

Mobile devices have become an extension of the modern consumer. But because most mobile browsers are cookieless, the odds of reaching the right individual with the right message on unsophisticated marketing platforms might as well be completely random. Fortunately, with a partner taking a profile-based,…Read More»

Mar 19, 2015

Robot vs. Robot

Can a computer forge a painting well enough that it fools the algorithms designed to detect fakes? How can the systems created to spot the phony works stay ahead of the ones that create them? It's a vicious circle, not dissimilar to what's been happing…Read More»