Thought Leadership at Rocket Fuel

Data-driven Insights Are Only Part of the Journey

For marketers, Big Data analytics is no longer a novelty. CMOs who know data-driven marketing are outperforming less adept peers by a wide margin—and the numbers prove it. In a Forbes Insights study released this month in association with Rocket Fuel and leading executive search…read more»

2014 Holiday Shopping Research: Consumer Trends to Watch

The holidays are nearly upon us, which means ‘tis the season for cheer, good tidings…and an all-out shopping frenzy. Rocket Fuel’s marketing research team once again got to work examining new consumer trends and behavior that will shape this year’s shopping season. The findings, based…read more»

Researchers Announce Advance in Image-Recognition Software

The sheer magnitude of information that is introduced to the world every day calls for artificial intelligence systems that can accurately curate and catalog data and content of all kinds. With new advances in image recognition, automated systems can now not only identify subjects in…read more»

Programmatic Storytelling: How Programmatic is Evolving Traditional Branding

The age of programmatic marketing gives CMOs nearly infinite options when it comes to making their media progressively more relevant. When balancing creativity with science, marketers can make smart, data-driven guesses informed by machine learning to continually learn and improve their programs. With programmatic marketing,…read more»

Watch: A Look Inside Traffic Scanner

There’s a big difference between saying you’re doing something about non-human traffic in digital advertising and actually showing it. That’s why Rocket Fuel is introducing the “Quality Challenge” for digital marketers. It’s simple; marketers should require that any company that buys digital media on their behalf—including…read more»