Marketing That Learns ® How to Increase Foot Traffic in Stores

Marketers need to be able to access their organization’s dearth of offline consumer data online (and vice versa) to take advantage of consumer touchpoints once thought to be unaddressable. With Rocket Fuel, marketers can activate offline data, such as customer rewards programs, to reach a…Read More»

Marketing That Learns® How to Reach Preferred Customers

Each individual has varying online behaviors that illustrate the challenges—but also the potential—of personalized digital marketing. This challenge can be seen in a 14-year old girl. She may not look like the typical "Spike's Sporting Goods" customer, but she can literally punch the stuffing out…Read More»

Marketing that Learns®, Acts, and Evolves

The brilliance of Rocket Fuel's Marketing That Learns® is its ability to continuously learn, act, and evolve to improve marketing in real time. But, for all its learning, it’s pretty good at providing the marketer with valuable insights, too. To illustrate, let’s turn to a…Read More»

Marketing That Learns® to Reach Individuals, Not Devices

By compiling a single consumer profile via a common IP address, then layering on additional signals, Rocket Fuel can enrich the understanding of device ownership and make well-defined connections between marketers and consumers. Then, by identifying patterns based on several data points, all of the…Read More»

Marketing That Learns® How to Create a Personal Journey

The conversation a brand has with its consumers is key to moving them from awareness to sale—and beyond. Rocket Fuel's Marketing That Learns™ helps control the frequency and relevance of messaging, across all channels, to create a hyper-personalized journey for consumers. Imagine a mom in…Read More»