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Big Data Taking Industries by Storm

These days, every company is a Big Data company. To stay ahead, organizations in all industries are using massive quantities of data to inform their decisions, find their audiences, and become more efficient.  No one cares about technology for technology’s sake. Well, probably some deep-drive gearheads do,…read more»

Oct 29, 2014 / Big data

The Three Breakthroughs That Have Finally Unleashed AI on the World

What will a future society interwoven with artificial intelligence and robotics look back at as watershed moments that shaped their world? Here are a few. A few months ago I made the trek to the sylvan campus of the IBM research labs in Yorktown Heights, New…read more»

Computer With Human-Like Learning Will Program Itself

We know AI is a superior taskmaster, but how proactive can it be in its initiatives? The Neural Turing Machine will combine the best of number-crunching with the human-like adaptability of neural networks – so machines can invent their own programs. Your smartphone is amazing,…read more»

Q4 2014 Digital Tourism & Travel: The Link Between Destination Travel Ads and OTAs

The relationship between destination advertisers and measurement is a tenuous one. With no actual booking system in place, many of them must rely on end-of-year tourism data, spend data, and proxy metrics such as signups to “receive more information” to quantify success—indirect metrics with only…read more»

11 Questions About Programmatic Mobile...and the Answers Marketers Need

A few short years ago, mobile was a “checkbox” buy: marketers bought it because their CEOs expected it to be in use. After all, people were coalescing with their devices like never before, and society at large was quickly adopting a “mobile” culture. Marketers simply…read more»