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Robot Trucks Do the Jobs Australians Shun

Automation can enhance the jobs of professionals, but it can also completely take over the ones that nobody wants. This capability is of particular importance to Australia, where troves of game-changing resources lie in inhospitable terrain. The manpower needed for mining is hard to find…read more»

Best Black Friday Shopping Strategies: Research Online, Resist Browsing

Due to the obvious benefit of convenience—and the lucrative deals of major shopping events becoming available online—more shoppers than ever are choosing to make their purchases from the comfort of home. As we found in our 2014 Holiday Shopping Research, there are a multitude of…read more»

Nov 25, 2014 / Retail

Artificial Intelligence is a Tool, Not a Threat

If you consider the facts, worrying about malevolent artificial intelligence is kind of silly. We're far from any sort of sentient technology that can cognitively turn against humans. Instead, AI is optimizing human initiatives and making our lives more efficient. So when you let AI…read more»

Data-driven Insights Are Only Part of the Journey

For marketers, Big Data analytics is no longer a novelty. CMOs who know data-driven marketing are outperforming less adept peers by a wide margin—and the numbers prove it. In a Forbes Insights study released this month in association with Rocket Fuel and leading executive search…read more»

2014 Holiday Shopping Research: Consumer Trends to Watch

The holidays are nearly upon us, which means ‘tis the season for cheer, good tidings…and an all-out shopping frenzy. Rocket Fuel’s marketing research team once again got to work examining new consumer trends and behavior that will shape this year’s shopping season. The findings, based…read more»