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11 Questions About Programmatic Mobile...and the Answers Marketers Need

A few short years ago, mobile was a “checkbox” buy: marketers bought it because their CEOs expected it to be in use. After all, people were coalescing with their devices like never before, and society at large was quickly adopting a “mobile” culture. Marketers simply…read more»

What Advertisers Really Think About Transparency

Digital advertising has found great success lately, but with it comes great responsibility. Therefore, as a member of the digital-advertising ecosystem that’s enjoyed that success, we believe all ad tech companies should be held accountable to making our industry a safer, more trustworthy place. And…read more»

Shouts on Bond-Trading Floor Yield to Robot Beeps

The manic, frenzied scenes of Wall Street's bond-trading floors are about to look (and sound) much different. In the bond-trading game, where billions of dollars are on the line, speed and optimization are paramount. Until now, though, deals were done exclusively in person, making margins…read more»

Navigating the Robot Economy

Where will you fit in a world that has coalesced, nearly completely, with robots and artificial intelligence? By looking into the past, present, and future, we can start to understand how to prepare ourselves to work and live in the next "robot economy." Tensions will…read more»

The Age of Creativity: Highlights from "A la Carte Media Consumption: How to Reach the Unreachable”

The way the average person consumes media is radically different than it was five, or even ten years ago. New services, driven by burgeoning technology, make it easier than ever for consumers to control exactly where, when, and how they get their content. People now…read more»