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Using Big Data In A Crisis: Nepal Earthquake

The power of Bid Data is ubiquitous. It's potential to predict events and provide crucial real-time insights isn't just effective in digital marketing. All around the world people are using it to improve initiatives—and in disaster zones, it's saving lives. As I write this, hundreds…Read More»

Apr 30, 2015 / Big data

Machine Learning Algorithm Mines 16 Billion E-Mails

Email can encapsulate human behavior so effectively, machine-learning algorithms can learn the tendencies of individuals based on their correspondence and predict what they'll do next. This type of predictive modeling can be useful in countless ways, including providing content a consumer will find most relevant…Read More»

Apr 28, 2015

Marketing That Learns™: How Uniting Disparate Data Sources Creates a Singular View of the Customer

The massive proliferation of media has fractured consumer attention as a prism does light: It's now flung far and wide across channels and devices, creating a growing void in marketers' understanding of their prospects and customers. But advancements in machine learning and predictive science have…Read More»

Driving Voter Activity Through Advertising

As we  sit on the cusp of yet another election season (already!?!), candidates have started throwing their hats in the ring, and fundraising efforts have begun in earnest. Political marketers and campaign managers will need to leverage every resource and tactic available to them to…Read More»

United Airlines Uses Identity to Soar Above Data Silos

Though niche providers exist for just about every method of digital communication across every channel, an enterprise marketing platform that brings together disparate tools and data streams (both online and off) to create a singular, channel-agnostic view of consumers is crucial. United Airlines services more…Read More»

Apr 20, 2015 / Always-on marketing, Travel