10 Powerful Facts About Big Data

When it comes to increasing ROI, marketers who are Big Data-centric are seeing big results. In fact, a Forbes Insights survey conducted in association with Rocket Fuel found that marketers who use Big Data generate more benefits from their initiatives than those who don’t. And Big Data is now SO big, humans can't process the mountains of data available themselves. To determine which data points are significant to performance and which are not, emerging technologies are shrinking Big Data down to size and offering insights that are changing the way we live. Big Data is a big deal. When used correctly, it can optimize any human activity or initiative.

Organizations see a potential boon in actionable insights derived from Big Data, not only to sell more widgets and services, but also to better manage healthcare, stop the flow of counterfeit drugs, track terrorists, and maybe even track your phone calls. Hence it's a given that Big Data isn't inherently good or evil. It's how you use it that counts.

The irony of Big Data is that despite its potential to enhance the human experience, it's often difficult to collect, filter, analyze, and interpret to gain those cherished insights. This slideshow examines the challenges and capabilities of big data. The facts and figures may surprise you. What to expect? Well, the future appears bright for Hadoop, the leading Big Data platform. And data scientists and related Big Data gurus should be gainfully (and lucratively) employed for years to come. See the slideshow here>

Jun 12, 2014 / Big data, Insights