Whitepaper: 10 Questions About Programmatic Buying… and the answers marketers need

Programatic Buying

Programmatic buying is here, and it’s expanding fast. Leading industry expert IDC has projected that programmatic buying will grow at 53% per year in the United States between 2011 and 2016. Forrester believes that programmatic buying will ultimately capture the bulk of all digital advertising spending. What this means is that marketing executives need to understand what programmatic buying is, and what it can do for them. Now.

Rocket Fuel was founded on the belief that artificial intelligence and big data could radically change the course of digital advertising. Since 2008, our team has delivered real-time-buying (RTB) solutions for thousands of marketers across the world. This whitepaper explains the fundamentals of programmatic media buying and what it can do to enhance your marketing program. It also explains the key concepts you must understand in order to put the huge potential of programmatic buying and real-time bidding to work.

Learn the answers to the 10 key questions about programmatic buying:

  1. What is programmatic buying?
  2. Why is it so effective?
  3. When can I use it?
  4. What media channels support programmatic buying?
  5. How do I reach my tailored audience?
  6. How do I drive success?
  7. What insights can I gain?
  8. What are the best practices for privacy?
  9. How do I ensure my ads are served in brand-safe contexts?
  10. What do I need to get started?

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