15 Reasons to Ditch Upfront Presentations and Attend The Rocket Fuel Summit

Upfront season is fast approaching, and, just as birds fly south and salmon swim upstream,  everyone in the world of television and advertising will heed the call to come together and shape the upcoming Fall TV season. But in this time of change and disruption, there can be rich rewards for those who resist their instincts and embrace a new, very different tradition. At The Rocket Fuel Summit, you'll be inspired to look beyond the norm and prepare for a future where media is bought and sold in a whole new way. 

So shun the tired hors d'oeuvres and the played-out acts, and hear Rocket Fuel's lineup of visionaries describe the second version of a revolution that will fundamentally change the way people live and businesses thrive. Learn how to be one of the big winners in "the second machine age," and avoid the hassles that we've all come to dread at upfronts.

In case you need any more convincing, below are 15 awesome reasons to skip this year's upfronts and instead check out the first annual Rocket Fuel Summit:


1. Free shrimp is overrated.







2. You won't be forced to watch clips of doomed TV shows.






3. Why wonder?  Our algorithms already know which shows will resonate with the Male 25-34 demo.









4. You won't be (incessantly) reminded that TV is growing, and not declining.






5. What takes Jack Bauer 24 hours takes our AI only 2 minutes, 40 seconds (or less).





6. You won't rack your brain to remember which show/movie that random D-lister is from. 







7. You won't wait in a line that makes the TSA seem efficient.








8. We won't be replacing a beloved late night talk show icon.



9. You won't be expected to "laugh" at bad jokes told by salespeople.









10. You won't hear the infamous "digital extensions" pitch.







11. No one will expect you to marvel at the fact that you can watch TV shows on other devices.








12. You can't just catch the best parts later on Netflix.










13. You won't be in danger of getting trampled by junior buyers rushing a celebrity for their 15 minutes of Facebook fame.







14. You won't find out your favorite show is getting canceled.







15. And finally: You might actually learn something.







See you there!