Brand New Insights: Rocket Fuel's Q1 Financial Services Review

With online consumers spread far and wide across several channels, financial service providers face a monumental challenge: attracting the right audiences with appropriate products and services. But the transparent, highly competitive nature of the online space stacks the odds against them. These marketers have no choice but to vie for the attention of—not people—but anonymous user profiles (only a very select few of whom qualify and are likely to convert). The most powerful weapon in a marketer's arsenal? Vast amounts of data that can be used to mine unique insights that give them the edge on competitors.

To offer a helping hand, Rocket Fuel conducted a study from a survey of 757 consumers in Q4 2013 asking about their credit-card preferences, usage habits, and history.  Respondents were screened out based on a history of risky behavior (e.g. having declared bankruptcy or been late with a mortgage or credit-card payment). Ad interaction data comes from a sample of 2.1 billion impressions delivered to financial services campaigns run with Rocket Fuel in Q4 2013. Creative analysis was done on a sample of 2,300 distinct creatives from 205 credit-card and financial-services campaigns run with Rocket Fuel in Q4 2013.

There’s never been a more exciting time to be a financial marketer. Armed with the wisdom derived from Big Data and the tantalizing clues about consumer behavior offered by Rocket Fuel's newest study, discerning marketing professionals can achieve superior results.

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