George John Chats with CNBC About what Makes Rocket Fuel Unique

CEO George John went on CNBC following Rocket Fuel’s successful first day of trading on NASDAQ.  He answered a host of tough questions about Rocket Fuel’s lasting power in a crowded and competitive ad-tech space.

George assuaged possible concerns about scalability by citing improving margins and increasing rates of spend by customers, which resulted in $50 million in second-quarter revenue. He noted that customers are growing increasingly confident in Rocket Fuel, integrating its services into their day-to-day operations and customer-acquisition strategies. 

What makes Rocket Fuel different from the competition—and makes it possible to acquire such a large and diverse group of clients—is its unique Advertising that Learns® technology. This technology automatically adapts to each marketing program’s successes and failures in real time, thereby ensuring it gets more efficient and accurate as the program progresses.

George explained that no other platform uses machine learning as effectively as Rocket Fuel. When a certain ad works,  the artificial intelligence, or “robot,” acknowledges the millions of key attributes of the person who responds to the ad (even their location and time of day). He equated this to the successful robot “getting a pat on the head” for a job well done.