Big Data + Marketing = Results: A Rocket Fuel Original Infographic

When it comes to increasing ROI, marketers who are Big Data-centric are seeing big results. Rocket Fuel's popular joint survey with Forbes Insights found that CMOs who implement Big Data generate more benefits from their initiatives than those who don’t.

To see the study in a new light, check out our brand new infographic illustrating the benefits of optimizing Big Data, and why more and more marketing executives are using it as an integral part of their strategy. Of marketers who use Big Data in at least 50% of their marketing efforts, 76% of them are increasing ROI, compared to just 39% of marketers who use it in less than half of their efforts.

As the infographic shows, the immense sea of data available to marketers can no longer be optimally navigated by humans alone. Rocket Fuel's Advertising That Learns® leverages machine learning and predictive modeling to, instantly, do the work of rooms full of data scientists by identifying which data points are significant to performance, and which are not. Marketers can now learn exactly what is working, and which data really matters. See the infographic here>