Every Step Counts: Guidelines for Better Attribution

One of the most challenging aspects of digital advertising is tracing the point of sale back to the marketing efforts used to acquire the customer. Clicks go a long way in telling the story, but it’s far from the whole story. A variety of digital channels usually account for the various consumer touch points that take place before the conversion.

For example, when a consumer “likes” a product on Facebook, searches for it organically to research and compare prices, then clicks the paid search link to convert, does the final touch point deserve all the credit? Not only is this an unfair approach, it’s inaccurate and can skew the perceived effectiveness of marketing initiatives.

Rather than simply crediting the last touch, marketers need to find out who, how, and how often consumers interact with their paid media. Rocket Fuel thinks that with a little diligence and few simple tests, marketers can gain the insights needed to find the right digital media mix to optimize their advertising budget and set out on the road to profitability.

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