Location, Location, Location: Rocket Fuel Gives You Access to Prime Real Estate—the FBX News Feed

Through our direct partnership with Facebook, Rocket Fuel customers can now retarget their customers in Facebook’s most premium location – the Facebook news feed.

Facebook News Feed Ads

Facebook, which estimates say now draws 20% of web traffic, appeals to most visitors through its news feed. Facebook has become the daily newspaper for many of us—we get info about news and current events here first, all day, every day. This is news from family, friends, and brands that people care about, curated for each visitor and their interests. And now, through this exciting opportunity, the advertising we see can be just as personally relevant.

Eshwar Belani VP Products and Business Development, Rocket Fuel Inc.

“We were keen on launching FBX with Rocket Fuel. Since we went live, the results have been brilliant!” —Domitille Mereuze, Digital Marketing Executive, Carphone Warehouse

“Hands down, the best partner for FBX.” —Crista Spalding, Account Lead, iProspect

Now you have direct access to the most engaging, impactful space on Facebook
Through our direct partnership with Facebook, Rocket Fuel can now can give its customers direct access to consumers in the Facebook news feed—the most valuable placement on the web. People currently spend over 40% of their time on the Facebook news feed. Across 1.1 billion people globally. This level of engagement makes sense—the news feed is relevant, timely, and personal.

Facebook Users are 40-150x more likely to consume branded content






Zero in on your campaign objectives, from conversions to brand awareness
By appearing in the FBX news feed, your brand is seamlessly and permanently integrated into the stream of highly engaging content—the content people care about most. This makes brand stories even more noticeable, impactful, and personal. The Page Post Link Ad is "in the voice" of the brand page to which it is connected, inviting audiences to "Like" and share the message. 

Clicks you care about
Internal Facebook data reveals that the news feed placement has 20-40x higher CTRs when compared to standard right-hand-side Facebook ads.

Rocket Fuel is the only Facebook Exchange partner to make real-time media-buying decisions

Retarget prospects in the heart of Facebook
Rocket Fuel’s artificial intelligence-driven technology smartly retargets and prospects for consumers in Facebook’s prized real estate: Its news feed. We can now optimize for your campaign objectives by analyzing individual FBX news feed placement opportunities in real time, at the impression level. This means for every FBX newsfeed ad, Rocket Fuel analyzes over 11M data features to identify the most optimal opportunities.

Connect all of your digital-marketing efforts
You can now use Rocket Fuel FBX news feed ads in conjunction with your direct-response and brand campaigns to drive unprecedented performance.

How do I get started?
To get your own piece of prime real estate, contact your Rocket Fuel account executive, call us at 888-717-8873, or email sales@rocketfuel.com.

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