No More Malls: 5 Disruptive Techs Transforming Retail

Big Data has gotten big. Really Big. So big, that given the right technology, there's enough of it to personalize almost every aspect of your online experience. But with emerging technologies evolving at the same pace that data is growing, the future of online shopping could be an exclusive boutique experience worthy of the most prestigious shopper. Through artificial intelligence, shoppers could one day frequent online megastores that only carry inventory tailored to their exact preferences.

Five technologies are converging to transform the retail shopping experience forever.

This is big. This isn’t Amazon, it’s Amazon x100. Very social, very local and very efficient.

This will impact multiple industries.

Though it applies to other retail, the example I’ll share in this email is clothes shopping — specifically, a new approach that will give you back massive amounts of time in your life and make the experience fun, fast and super-personalized.

Gone are the wasted hours in dressing rooms or combing through racks and finding nothing in your preferred size or style.

The five converging technologies are:
1. 3D imaging
2. Body-motion sensors
3. Virtual reality headsets
4. Virtual worlds
5. Big data & AI

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