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TEI Study

Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact (TEI) study finds Rocket Fuel-aided campaigns equate to a 229% ROI for agencies, 192% ROI for advertisers

In March of 2013, Forrester Consulting completed a Total Economic Impact (TEI) commissioned study (started in Q3, 2012) on behalf of Rocket Fuel to examine the total economic impact and potential return on investment (ROI) agencies and advertisers may realize by leveraging Rocket Fuel’s programmatic media-buying technology for buying, managing, and optimizing their media spend. From Forrester’s analysis, the resulting ROI three-year impact for campaigns that incorporate Rocket Fuel into the media mix equated to 229% ROI for agencies and 192% ROI for advertisers.

As the TEI study says, “all of the organizations noted that one of the benefits of Rocket Fuel was the ability to make changes quickly to campaigns and the underlying targeting and optimization algorithms.” In addition, “Rocket Fuel provided organizations with a way to increase the reach of individual campaigns through more sophisticated algorithms leading to greater conversion and higher levels of automation, thereby leading to improved speed. Both of these have the effect of more effective campaigns leading to higher campaign ROI.”

Read the entire TEI study press release here.

Apr 01, 2013