Rocket Fuel Presents Q4 2013 Holiday Shopping Survey Results

The Holiday season is a critical time for retailers. Being able to take advantage of ravenous consumer spending can make or break a fiscal year. To uncover the inter-workings of these bullish few months, Rocket Fuel surveyed 668 consumers in October 2013 asking about their holiday shopping and spending plans. The data collected offers eye-opening insights into when, where, and how consumers will use their budgets in 2013.

The study includes consumer behavior specific to the two most important days of the year for retailers, Black Friday (the Friday after Thanksgiving), and Cyber Monday (the following Monday). Also included are findings from Rocket Fuel ad impression data in November 2010 – 2012, and results from the Rocket Fuel Back-to-School Shopping Survey, a Q3 2013 survey of 1,192 parents about their back-to-school shopping habits.

The findings identified which consumers are most likely to convert on sales and promotions, and even found parallels with spending habits during other times of the year. With holiday spending expected to increase this year, Rocket Fuel is excited to share the following findings with you. Think of it as a stocking stuffer.

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