Rocket Fuel Announces Support For The Facebook Exchange (FBX)

Today Rocket Fuel today announced its support for the Facebook Exchange (FBX), which allows marketers to serve more relevant ads on Facebook via real-time bidding based on individual impression characteristics instead of pre-defined audience segments. Rocket Fuel's support of Facebook Exchange now enables Rocket Fuel to bring its artificial intelligence technology to leverage the quality and scale of Facebook for its customers.

FBX allows Rocket Fuel to expand its reach to leverage the quality and scale of Facebook, while continuing to deliver and optimize ads using audience data, to build relevant, efficient and complete digital marketing programs for Rocket Fuel’s customers.

Rocket Fuel can now use first- and third-party audience data through FBX to serve highly relevant ads to the right people at the right time by focusing on both engagement and performance metrics, and top-performing characteristics like Facebook page type, creative, time of day, geography, interests, behavior, and demographics.

Our vice president of products and business development, Eshwar Belani, had this to say, “FBX offers a new level of precision that provides advertisers with flexibility and an opportunity to leverage audience data for maximum impact. In addition, FBX means people will see more relevant ads for things they actually want to buy, or brands with which they want to build affinity. For Rocket Fuel, FBX allows us to bring the full power of our artificial-intelligence powered brand & direct response solutions to Facebook and further drive shared advertising synergies across social, display, video, and mobile channels.”

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Sep 13, 2012