Rocket Fuel’s Advertising 2020: Programmatic Buying is the New Normal

At SXSW 2014, Rocket Fuel brought together a high-profile panel of Ad-Tech visionaries to talk “Advertising 2020," a look at current trends in the advertising industry and where it’s headed in the second half of the decade.
A popular motif of not only the panel discussion but the entire week of SXSW was how data and technology are evolving side by side to create a new world of opportunity for advertisers.
Few know more about the wholesale shift to programmatic in online advertising than Rocket Fuel President and Co-founder Richard Frankel. When he realized the need for a way to measure and optimize ROAS through Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, it wasn’t just a good guess— Richard played an integral role in helping build several high-profile industry forerunners such as DoubleClick and Yahoo!.
He explained that by helping marketers understand what to buy (and why), companies like Rocket Fuel can enable marketers to be more efficient and effective. It can also help them adapt to and take advantage of shifts in consumer behavior. 
Porter Gale, a member of AdAge’s Digital Hotlist and an iMedia Top 25-Digital Marketer, also discussed programmatic's potential, citing mobile as an example. The accessibility to key audiences through mobile devices and the data available from mobile activity is an absolute goldmine for marketers. Those able to take advantage of it will continue to thrive as we enter a new age in marketing and advertising.

Watch the highlights of the discussion below for more on what becomes possible when Big Data and disruptive technology meet