Rocket Fuel's Advertising 2020: Agency Dos and Dont's in a New Era

At SXSW 2014, Rocket Fuel brought together a high-profile panel of AdTech visionaries to talk “Advertising 2020," a look at current trends in the advertising industry and where it’s headed in the second half of the decade.

A topic that garnered some of the strongest opinions of the evening was the agency/brand relationship. With programmatic buying now an indispensable part of marketing initiatives, the panelists agreed that agencies and clients have to work more closely than ever to establish a mutual understanding of business goals.

Susan Borst, director of industry initiatives at the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), and Porter Gale, author and marketing consultant, echoed the sentiment that increased collaboration can leverage the profound change sweeping over the industry.

Gale, who comes from an agency background, puts the onus on agencies to learn as much as possible about their clients’ businesses. Borst, who has 20 + years experience working with top brands, calls for brands to optimize their relationships with partners and avoid pigeonholing them into specific marketing areas. To her, the best scenario exists when partners and clients learn from one another and aren’t afraid to introduce potentially game-changing ideas.

Watch the highlights of the discussion below for more on what becomes possible when brands and agencies maximize their partnership