Smaller than your Phone, this Device Could Keep you Healthy

These days, knowing the composition of your food could be the difference between health and serious illness. But it shouldn't take getting sick to find out what you need to avoid putting on your plate. As it proves time and time again, Big Data has the ability to optimize any initiative—it just needs the right technology to harness it.

That's why Isabel Hoffman, after her daughter needlessly battled debilitating symptoms for years as a result of mold toxicity, developed the TellSpec. It's a handheld scanner that helps people better understand their environment and the foods they're consuming and how they affect the body.

Coupled with Big Data, TellSpec could be used to improve global health by taking advantage of information about where certain food exists in the world, how people are consuming it, and what effect it has. Since people would be logging their symptoms in real time, the database could show a spike in gastrointestinal symptoms, for instance, within a 5-mile radius, a tip-off that something's amiss in the local food or water. Read entire article here>

Nov 26, 2013 / Big data, Insights, Research