The Traveling Consumer: How, Why, and When they Look to Book

As travelers embark on their spring break vacations and start exploring potential locales for summer travel, it’s a great time to revisit the consumer insights found in Rocket Fuel’s Q2 2013 Summer Travel Study. Rethink the way you'll reach this year’s travel intenders with data about how, why, and when people look to book.

The study is based on a survey conducted of 1,019 adults ages 18 and older, asking them a series of questions about their summer travel plans. Questions include how they make their plans, and whether they planned to spend more or less on summer vacation travel compared to previous years.

Survey respondents, who overwhelmingly will travel via plane or car, and typically begin planning trips between one and four months in advance, had either already booked or planned to book their trips. They consistently rated online reviews of destinations as more influential in their travel plans than recommendations from friends and family, and predominantly use a PC or laptop to research and explore online.

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