Why “Real” Awards are Worth Winning

(by Brian Ferrario)

Rocket Fuel Named One of America’s Most Promising Companies.

Who doesn’t like winning awards?  But truthfully — you never feel as good when it’s too easy, a pay-for-play, or popularity contest. Real awards, like Forbes list of America’s 100 Most Promising Companies, that come from real criteria, due diligence and credible data, are genuine badges of honor to help fuel awareness, growth, investment, recruitment efforts, employee pride, and more. And maybe getting a high-five from your CEO is another indicator of an award that matters.

To us, being on the Forbes list feels right, and well-earned. Why?  Well one reason is the process Forbes used — it was downright amazing. They used algorithms to crunch tons of data (from 30,000 sources — press releases and social networks to job boards and court filings — to come up with one score that measures a company’s potential), and blended this data with good old fashioned nose down journalism — surveys, interviews, fact checking, and more.

Forbes says its list of America’s 100 Most Promising Companies is all about “privately held up-and-comers with compelling business models, strong management teams, notable customers, strategic partners and precious investment capital.” That’s a pretty cool checklist.

At Rocket Fuel we’re focusing on the real awards that will truly help gauge just how great a company we’re building – whether that means validating our traction in the market, highlighting our amazing culture, or recognizing our potential to be a game changer in the digital future.

And — we’re hiring like crazy.  Come work for us >

Nov 30, 2011 / Awards