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Booyah gives its clients results to shout about. With brilliant creative and digital strategy, it’s got a relentless drive to provide clients with the best technology in the industry.

The entertainment business isn’t all fun and games. For client Blockbuster, Booyah has to drive fast and efficient new customer acquisitions. It turned to Rocket Fuel, whose technology combines artificial intelligence with big data. The result: advertising that gets better and smarter in real time, not next time.

What Booyah has proven is that Rocket Fuel’s Advertising That Learns delivers new customers up to 289% faster and 199% more efficiently. And makes entertainment everywhere more enjoyable.


Rocket Fuel is Deloitte's #1 Fast 500 Technology Company in America and Forbes' #4 Most Promising Company In America.

In March of 2013, an independent commissioned study from Forrester proved that Rocket Fuel delivers 229% ROI to agencies and 192% ROI to advertisers over a three-year period.

And in October of 2013, a Forbes Insights study—The Big Potential of Big Data: A Field Guide for CMOs—demonstrated that for marketers who use Big Data in at least 50% of their marketing efforts, 76% of them are increasing ROI, compared to just 39% of marketers who use it in less than half of their efforts.

Already, over 70 of Ad Age's Top 100 Leading National Advertisers and over 45 of the Fortune 100 have learned how Rocket Fuel's powerful combination of artificial intelligence and bid data can radically boost their results in digital displayvideomobile, and social advertising.

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