Photo of Dominic Trigg

Dominic Trigg

VP & Managing Dir, Europe

Digital advertising specialist Dominic Trigg, leads Rocket Fuel in Europe. During the past 18 months he has managed a rapidly expanding advertising operation working with most leading agencies and many global brands. Having demonstrated impressive results for UK advertisers, the past 6 months has seen the opening of new offices in Germany and Holland. He states the aim of this is to 'emulate the strong service and competitively outstanding results that Rocket Fuel has become known for most recently in the UK.

Dominic joined Rocket Fuel from TradeDoubler, Europe’s number-one affiliate network, where he was Vice President of International. He has a long track record in the online advertising arena having held a number of senior management roles, including Managing Director for Infospace Europe, Director of Yahoo Europe's Ad Operations and  Advertising Director for MSN UK, Hotmail, and Expedia during the .com boom years. Prior to this he ran the first online advertising team at British Telecom, having spent several years in traditional advertising.