Photo of Nikolai Rochnik

Nikolai Rochnik

VP, Operations

Nikolai is responsible for the strategic management, effective planning, and implementation of policies and procedures to support the company’s rapidly growing customer base, digital campaign complexity, and day-to-day operational workload. He’s also responsible for evaluating results to make sure all customer goals are met, while minimizing operational costs and maximizing campaign efficiencies.

As an early employee of Rocket Fuel, Nikolai witnessed and managed the first-ever campaign launched by Rocket Fuel. He has taken pride in delighting clients with exceptional results ever since. He’s a senior contributor who helps bring new technology to market for Rocket Fuel and oversees new features that go from “ideas in the lab” to “wow, this really works” in short order.

Nikolai started in online advertising at Yahoo!, where he was responsible for managing products ranging from an application that optimized a single line of content on Yahoo!’s front page to behavioral-targeting components that evaluated hundreds of millions of Yahoo! users. Prior to Yahoo!, Nikolai held product-management roles at Oracle, where he was responsible for designing and bringing industry-leading data warehousing and web analytics software to market. Nikolai started his career architecting and implementing large data warehouses for Fortune 500 clients.

Nikolai received a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems from Bentley University. He holds several patents in behavioral targeting and personalization, and has published papers on data quality and data integration.