Photo of Peter Bardwick

Peter Bardwick

Chief Financial Officer

Peter Bardwick began his career in investment banking, working with Salomon Brothers and Citicorp Investment Bank in New York. He transitioned to corporate management when he became VP Finance for WestWood One, a Solomon Brothers client and the world’s largest radio-network company. Since then, he has held CEO, COO, and CFO positions for both public and private companies including Rocket Fuel, Zecco Holdings, Reactrix Systems, Inc.,, CBS MarketWatch, and the Beasley Broadcast Group. As CFO for CBS MarketWatch, he was responsible for its highly successful IPO. In September 2013 he managed Rocket Fuel’s IPO, and in January 2014 he managed the company’s follow-on offering. Peter has held executive positions with three public companies.

His experience also includes board and advisory board positions—he was the founding investor and is a member of the board of Healthcare Data Solutions, a successful healthcare direct-marketing company. He holds, or has held, advisory-board positions with the Wolverine Venture Fund and several private companies. In total, he has raised $10.5 billion for companies where he was an executive or which were investment-banking clients.

Peter holds an MBA in Finance and a BA in Political Science, cum laude, from the University of Michigan.