Programmatic marketing is a far cry from the buying of cheap remnant media inventory of old. Today, it’s a primary method of connecting brands with key consumers at moments of influence across their devices and throughout the marketing funnel.

But while there is a growing consensus in the industry that programmatic is the future of marketing automation, a major roadblock remains: education. In fact, research shows that less than 25 percent of client-side marketers understand the concept of programmatic marketing. With Momentous 2015, Rocket Fuel set out to change that.

Momentous, Rocket Fuel’s first ever digital summit, addressed how the digital marking landscape is rapidly evolving to accommodate consumers’ increasingly moment-driven lives. The event was a medley of recorded webinars featuring industry leaders, including IBM, Marketo, DISH, RPA, Forrester, and Ad Exchanger.


Attendees learned how programmatic marketing can take the current approach of 1:1 marketing to the next level by going beyond reaching the right person to reaching the right person at the best possible moment. According to Momentous participant Troy Lerner, President of Booyah Advertising, you don’t need to be a data wiz to thrive in programmatic—just a curiosity about the technology and a willingness to learn.

“We want smart people who can ask lots of questions and understand the nuances between exchanges and programmatic toolsets,” he says.

Sessions covered a wide range of topics including Programmatic 101, how to optimize your media mix, how an integrated marketing approach yields better results, Programmatic TV, and the radical ways marketing is changing today. The complete agenda for Momentous 2015 included more than 10 sessions and will address topics such as:

  •       The Transformation in Marketing and the Role of Programmatic
  •       Future of Programmatic Marketing: Programmatic Everywhere
  •       The Adoption of the Self-Service Marketing Platform
  •       Beyond 1:1 – Marketing in the Moment

Click here to watch the entire program or just the sessions that catch your attention. Happy learning!