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Rocket Fuel Inc.
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In every edition, we will share customer success stories, original research, and insights about the industry. 
A Great Summer for Rocketry
It's been a fantastic summer for Rocket Fuel!
Our customers are renewing faster and at higher volumes than we expected, which is driving our media sales and revenues significantly beyond our plans.  Q2 of 2010 ended at over 10x the previous year's sales volume, an
d 2x sequentially over Q1 this year.  

More exciting to us than the numbers are the colorful descriptions our agency media planner/buyer customers use to describe our performance and the reason they're renewing - "INSANE" conversion rates, "ridiculously" high CTR, "the future" of online advertising, and results that beat the next best partner by "a bajillion percent."

Today we are serving half of the top ten brands in nearly every vertical with significant online spend, and we see over 150mm unique users per month.  If you're an active Web user and you've been online today, you've probably already seen ads from us.  

We've been adding employees quickly as well - we just hired our 50th employee, opened a new sales office in Dallas, doubled the R&D team for more algorithmic goodness, and we're still looking for more. If you have friends who are looking for new challenges in their careers, please send them to our careers page >.

Thanks for all your good wishes, and let us know how we can help.

      - George John, CEO
In the News
Rocket Fuel president Richard Frankel talks about the success his company has seen using intender data from consumer intent data exchange companies such as BlueKai. (read more >)

Rocket Fuel has developed a formula to lower cost per action (CPA) and engagement metrics by an average of 43.75% compared with other targeting methods. It built custom campaigns combining third-party data based on specific audience models using key metrics to serve up ads in real-time with its own suite of targeting algorithms, analytics, expert analysis and real-time impression-level bidding.
(

OMMA Behavioral

Rocket Fuel president Richard Frankel was on the panel - From DSP to SSP, RTB to DBO: Spelling Value and Clarity in Advertising's New Tower of Babel.
(watch the video of the panel >)

Jarvis Mak
New Executives

Rocket Fuel Boosts Analytic Muscle with former Havas Digital Chief of Global Insights, plus Stanford Professor of Artificial Intelligence - Jarvis Mak joins Rocket Fuel as vice president of analytics, and Stanford computer science professor Yoav Shoham, who joins the company's advisory board. (read more >)

SFBig Big Star Awards

Rocket Fuel was named a finalist in the Next Big Digital Startup category at the recent SFBig Big Star Awards.
Attribution Reporting - Special Offer
We keep running into agencies that are concerned that the last-click or last-view attribution scheme is leading their partners to game results versus helping the right people discover their client's products. Because of our Google-class data platform, we can easily analyze the sequences of marketing interactions that drive users to convert, and help you assign credit fairly. 

In August, Attribution Reporting is available as a free value-add on all campaigns over $100k, and for a nominal fee on other campaigns.

Contact your Rocket Fuel sales rep to learn more
Product News
Rocket Fuel Inc. Finding Success Optimizing  Data to Boost Targeting Effectiveness of Display Campaigns

BlueKai Intent data running on Rocket Fuel drives efficiency, action and engagement for major brands

Rocket Fuel Inc. announced campaign results stemming from its strategic partnership with BlueKai, the largest source of online consumer intent data. Rocket Fuel leveraged BlueKai data to help build custom campaign-specific audience models and automatically tuned each campaign to the advertiser's key metrics in real time - lowering cost per action and engagement metrics by an average of 43.75% versus other targeting methods.

"We're thrilled to be partnering with a company like Rocket Fuel that brings out the true value of our data. Rocket Fuel clearly understands how to leverage quality data to better target audiences and deliver outstanding data strategies for the brands running on their platform. The results speak for themselves."
- Omar Tawakol, chief executive officer of BlueKai
As online inventory continues to grow and brand marketers look for more effective targeting, identifying scalable in-market audiences has increased in difficulty. Rocket Fuel simplifies the problem of testing multiple kinds of data to target the right audience through rapid testing and automation.  The company is finding success by leveraging third-party data from companies like BlueKai and blending it with its own suite of targeting algorithms, analytics, expert analysis and real-time impression-level bidding to make both brand and direct response campaigns perform better.

(see the results for autos, retail, travel and CPG campaigns >)
Rocket Fuel Launches Social Media Communities
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We're the Company Bringing Rocket Science
to Online Display Advertising

Our company provides turnkey media and campaign management to deliver better results faster for major agencies and brand advertisers.

Unlike self-serve platforms that burden media teams with learning new tools and executing complex campaigns manually, we make it easier - not harder - for advertisers to efficiently find and buy their target audiences.

And unlike ad networks whose value-add is in a cobbled collection of sites or audiences, our data-driven advertising technology automatically tunes campaigns to an advertiser's key metrics - whether their objectives are brand-oriented or performance driven.

Rocket Fuel was named Best Startup for 2010 by the San Francisco Business Times.

If you can measure it, Rocket Fuel can optimize it.

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