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Product News
There's more to Digital than Banners

We're really excited to announce major expansions of our product offerings this quarter. Now you can power your video and mobile investments with Rocket Fuel, and turn these new media channels into measurable and optimizable ROI-driving machines for your business. We are taking Rocket Fuel's core benefit - helping brands get better value for their media investment anywhere in the marketing funnel - across the breadth of digital media. 

Video and Mobile media shouldn't be silo'd efforts that aren't optimizable. Learnings from one display medium should drive improvement in all your digital efforts. And since we're Rocket Fuel, we believe that those learnings should automatically make your entire digital plan better, right now.

Rocket Fuel Brand Booster SuiteGrowth chart

Brand Booster Suite™ offers a better way to run successful campaigns - by tracking brand metrics and equity elements in real-time and measuring the composition of the audience seeing your ads, and then using these measurements to immediately improve results.

Optimize to the metrics you care about - brand awareness, message association, consideration, or purchase intent - and see improved results in real time as the campaign is running. Brand Booster can be used at every phase of the consumer purchase cycle, from driving awareness through increasing consideration, to stimulating purchase.

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Rocket Fuel Video BoosterTwo people using a computer

Online video is alive and well on the Web. It's engaging,entertaining, and growing fast as a brand-friendly means to get your message across. But up until now, it's been primarily used as a fulfillment-based buy.

As more and more sites become available that run video, campaigns are becoming less about where your ads show up and more about who they're targeted at - pinpoint the right audience for your brand and engage them anywhere on the Web. Rocket Fuel discovers what works in the display world - including what drives specific conversions - and then uses this to craft video buying and optimization decisions.

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Rocket Fuel Mobile BoosterWoman using her mobile phone

As dollars shift from traditional media to the Web, the next shift will be from the Web to mobile as the primary way to reach certain users, locations or audiences.

The good news is that mobile is a high-performance medium with more than 4x the click through rate of the Web. The bad news is that this audience was traditionally hard to target, until now. The company that brought rocket science to the Web is now bringing that same know how and street-smart targeting to mobile. Rocket Fuel discovers what works in the display world - including what drives specific actions and conversions - and then uses this to craft mobile buying and optimization decisions.

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In the News
Growing Partnerships with Top Global Brands Fuel Company Success and Expansion.

Rocket Fuel Inc., the company bringing rocket science to digital advertising, today announced that the company is profitable and has reached a $30 million run rate. Recently closing a $10 million venture funding round led by Nokia Growth Partners, Rocket Fuel is fueling its growth with intelligent solutions built to deliver better results against marketers' brand goals in real-time. Currently, Rocket Fuel is a digital marketing partner of 8 of the top 10 global brands, as identified in the Interbrand Best Global Brands 2010 rankings.
George John photo. Turn on images to view.
George John, CEO

"We weren't actually aiming for profitability this early. We're growing fast, and that usually puts you in the red. But sales have been way ahead of our expectations due to strong renewals and increased budgets from existing customers, and we're seeing higher initial order sizes from new customers as we've become more of a known and trusted player in online advertising."

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Case Study
Ace Ace Hardware logoHardware: Real-time brand impact 

Ace Hardware, the largest retailer-owned cooperative and lead er in the convenience segment of the hardware industry, was looking for a way to use their advertising dollars more effectively. With the help of an agency, Horizon Media, Ace turned to Rocket Fuel to better understand how its ad dollars could generate higher audience composition of "New Movers" in order to drive website engagement and increase participation in the Ace Hardware loyalty program.

Their target audience was "New Movers" - those who had moved in the past 90 days and those who were going to move in the next 90 days - between the ages of 25 and 54.

Rocket Fuel leveraged real-time in-banner surveys for in-flight progressive optimization to maximize audience composition. 

Ace resultsThe Results: With a 13.7x over index of "New Movers", Rocket  Fuel delivered the highest audience composition for Ace.  This further resulted in Rocket Fuel being the #1 partner to drive efficient website engagement as well as being the #1 partner to drive users to participate in Ace Hardware's loyalty program.

A Roadmap to a Better Media Buy
Road signIn the new display media environment of 2010, media buyers have literally thousands of options when it comes to ad network and website buys. How can buyers approach this in a way that is smart and delivers good value for clients? We've seen simple mistakes based on the "bigger is better" fallacy -- that a plan with 30 media buys is better than a plan with just three. The core problem with these super-complicated plans is that they trade comprehensibility, quality, and results for bulk; it's going to be a whole lot of work for underwhelming results.

Instead of size, the perfect digital media plan should focus on four core features:

  • Reach -- lots of people who are good targets for your message
  • Knowable results -- every plan should incorporate tools and measures that will help you know if you've achieved the outcomes you want
  • Relevant content -- sites that provide strong support for a message, brand, or product
  • Integration -- make your message a part of the consumer story
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We're the Company Bringing Rocket Science
to Digital Advertising

Rocket Fuel Inc. is the company bringing rocket science to digital advertising. With its advanced technology, the company is helping marketers reach their brand goals quickly and easily, anywhere in the purchase funnel. 

Over 150-million people a month see ads from its Rocket Fuel Network, which combines behavioral, contextual, geographic, demographic, and many other techniques to yield results far more powerful than any method could on its own. Rocket Fuel automatically adapts advertisers' campaigns in real-time to optimize towards their goals - whether brand-oriented or performance driven.

The Silicon Valley-based company was founded by veterans from NASA, Yahoo! and DoubleClick. Rocket Fuel was named Best Startup of 2010 by the San Francisco Business Times. In addition to its headquarters in Redwood Shores, Rocket Fuel now employs more than 65 people in six cities including New York, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and San Francisco. In 2011, the company plans to open additional offices in the US, and expand into international markets

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If you can measure it, Rocket Fuel can optimize it.

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