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6 of the top 10 brands
Rocket Fuel customers include 6 of the top 10 brands based on Interbrand's list of Best Global Brands.

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In the News
Rocket Fuel Inc. Calls Out to Nokia and Teams Up with Northgate for $10M Venture Funding

Nokia Growth Partners and Northgate Capital Invest to Boost Rocket Fuel's Expansion

Rocket Fuel Inc., the company bringing rocket science to display advertising, today announced a $10M Series B round of venture capital led by Nokia Growth Partners with additional investment from new investor Northgate Capital and existing investors Mohr Davidow Ventures and Labrador Ventures. This latest round of funding brings the total venture capital investment up to $20 million.

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Marc Theeuwes photo. Turn on images to view."The display market is complex, the lines between online and mobile are blurring, and advertisers are demanding better ROI.  We believe there is an opportunity to create immense value with better technology and a result-driven approach. That is why we are so excited to invest and help the company scale."

- Marc Theeuwes, partner at Nokia Growth Partners
Product News
Rocket Fuel Holiday Shopping Booster

The rules change during the holiday season. Millions of consumers transform themselves into shoppers overnight. Relying on your everyday marketing initiatives to identify and monetize this audience would be a gift to your competitors.

You need to quickly scale your communications to maximize your effective share of voice (SOV) during this critical time and take action to reach new customers when they're most receptive to your offer - anywhere on the Web. Rocket Fuel's Holiday Shopping Booster is purpose-built to solve this problem.

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Turning the Web Into a Data-Driven Branding Medium
Wednesday, October 6 11am-12pm PST

Is the Internet good for branding or is it simply a direct response mechanism? Sometimes it's easy to forget that online advertising can impact every phase along the consumer purchase cycle - awareness, interest, stimulation, provocation, delivery, customer support and brand loyalty.  These brand goals drive marketing and can be delivered online successfully.  The key is to fully understand the data-driven technologies that make brand marketing better online.

In this webinar, you'll learn how to achieve brand objectives by harnessing online advertising's efficiency and power and how to apply it to an end-to-end marketing strategy - no matter which metrics you use.

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iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
A Tale of Three Response Rates

The Rocket Fuel ad network is run by robots that manage campaigns automatically once they're entered into our system.   Our ad ops robots take care of simple stuff like pacing and shifting budget away from placements that are poor performers, and towards placements that are working well, so that our ad ops people don't have to deal with this kind of drudgery.  Our robots also handle real-time bidding, submitting bids on our behalf to exchanges, based on predictions of how well each individual impression will work for our advertisers' campaigns. 

These predictions are based on various facets of the impression, like the page it's on, the time of day, etc.  Recently we wondered, with all the hoopla around iPads, whether there's a significant difference in response rate between iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches.  It turns out that iPads are the winners as expected, followed closely by iPod touch then iPhone.  It's an interesting result, because from a browsing perspective the iPod touch and iPhone are basically the same device.  
iPad Chart

When we find results like this, we can tell our robots to pay attention to this as a feature, and they figure out how much more or less to bid based on the device. 
We're the Company Bringing Rocket Science
to Online Display Advertising

Rocket Fuel Inc. is the company bringing rocket science to online display advertising. With its advanced technology, the company is helping marketers reach their goals quickly and easily, anywhere in the funnel, from brand awareness to purchase.

Over 150-million people a month see ads from our Rocket Fuel Network, which combines behavioral, contextual, geographic, demographic, and many other techniques to yield results far more powerful than any single method on its own. Rocket Fuel automatically adapts advertisers' campaigns in real-time to optimize towards their goals - whether brand-oriented or performance driven. If you can measure it, Rocket Fuel can optimize it.

The company was founded by veterans from NASA, Yahoo!, and DoubleClick. Rocket Fuel was named Best Startup of 2010 by the San Francisco Business Times. The Silicon Valley-based company has sales offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago and New York. For more information visit

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If you can measure it, Rocket Fuel can optimize it.

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