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Real Customers, Real Results: Booyah Advertising and Morpheus Media

There’s a ton of hype around Big Data in digital advertising—enough that agencies are feeling intense pressure from clients to find a way to tap into its potential. But given Big Data’s immense size, it was nearly impossible for media planners, left to their own…read more»

Artificial Intelligence is Changing the World, and Humankind Must Adapt

 Artificial intelligence is still only in its beginning stages, but it's already finding a foothold in almost every industry. As Big Data evolves, so will machine-learning systems that can process it, and apply it toward particular outcomes. We are witnessing the beginning of a revolution that…read more»

Ask: What can Creative Optimization do for You?

The Marketer's Guide to Creative Optimization So you’ve got the media optimization part of your digital advertising down. Through Big Data, you’re programmatically serving the right ad to the right person at the right time. Good job—that’s a big first step in maximizing your ROI.…read more»

Robots Able to Pick Peppers, Test Soil, and Prune Plants

Remember the last time modern technology replaced grueling manual labor and optimized production on a massive scale? It's known as the Industrial Revolution, and it became the catalyst for a century's worth of profound innovation. We're at a similar juncture today in agriculture—robotics and artificial…read more»

Vinod Khosla has 3 Predictions for the Future of Health

Big Data continues to optimize the systems we interact with each day, tapping into a vast reservoir of information to tailor them to our specific needs. With machine learning and artificial intelligence, the future seems brighter (and smarter) than ever.  Vinod Khosla, sassy VC and legendary co-founder…read more»