Download The 2013 Audience Extension Industry Overview

Download The 2013 Audience Extension Industry Overview

Brought to you by Rocket Fuel’s Audience Accelerator

Audience extension has become a very popular tool in the publisher’s arsenal since the term was coined by Forrester in 2010. However, over the past 12 months, the market has seen a rapid change in how publishers approach audience extension. This change is fueled by advancements in audience targeting through Big Data and machine-learned optimization, as well as the adoption of programmatic buying.

To understand the current state of the market, Audience Accelerator partnered with Digiday to survey its readers about the attitudes of publishers, buyers, and advertisers toward audience extension.

No other study has delved this deep into the market or talked to more people in the industry. The insights are indicative of where and how the market will grow in the future.

Key insights include
• Publishers are already seeing positive business results
• The market is rapidly growing
• Audience fueled by 1st part data is crucial and in demand

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Download the Audience Extension Industry Overview