Success Story


INDYCAR Case Study

“INDYCAR experienced a substantial step forward in 2014 across many of its marketing and communications platforms. Our ‘Rivals’ campaign was a successful first step in the evolution of the INDYCAR brand, and it clearly resonated with a passionate Verizon INDYCAR Series audience. Rocket Fuel was instrumental in that campaign, and allowed us to engage our target audience throughout its duration.”

CJ O'Donnell
CMO INDYCAR and Indianapolis Motor Speedway

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Increase TV tune-in and ratings, drive brand awareness,


Connecting TV ratings to online exposure, measuring how online presence affected the campaigns' results

Product Used

Rocket Fuel for Brand with Tune-In Lift


INDYCAR used Rocket Fuel to help build its overall audience and drive viewership for its race broadcasts on ABC and NBCSN during the 2014 Verizon INDYCAR Series Season. Rocket Fuel’s results were measured by Nielsen Watch Effect, which measures the impact of advertising on TV viewing. Nielsen provides perspective on how well digital advertising complements existing TV promotion budgets in order to maximize viewership in a cross-screen world. Analysis is based on a panel of 25,000 individuals who have all PC and TV viewership measured.


  • Increase TV tune-in and ratings to INDYCAR races on TV with digital support
  • Drive brand awareness and brand loyalty from segmented PRIZM audiences and new audiences


  • Connecting TV ratings to online exposure
  • Measuring how the online presence contributed to the campaigns’ results


  • Rocket Fuel extended the campaign promos beyond TV’s reach, as 98.5% of the digital audience had not seen a TV promo
  • People exposed to the Rocket Fuel digital campaign were 21% more likely to watch INDYCAR races during the 2014 season
  • This same audience also watched more race time throughout the entire season
  • Rocket Fuel also focused on INDYCAR’s strategic “Victory Circle” target audience and drove a 100% lift in tune-in for that group

Product Used

  • Rocket Fuel for Brand with Tune-In Lift

Why Rocket Fuel?

  • INDYCAR wanted to raise awareness and build its viewing audience, so it was excited to see the enhanced performance it could get from Rocket Fuel
  • As the campaign progressed, Rocket Fuel’s audience learning enhanced its audience-targeting approach more strategically