Braveness, Confidence, and Performance

Braveness, Confidence, and Performance Thumbnail

Recently, Rocket Fuel had the pleasure of hosting Pete Robins, managing partner at London-based agenda21. Robins published a blog entry summarizing his experience at Rocket Fuel. He also outlined a manifesto-like call to action, and expressed unbridled enthusiasm about and belief in the wonders of AI and algorithms. He followed that up by reaching out to find a few brave and pioneering clients to trust artificial intelligence to lead them to better results. As far as Robins is concerned, all it takes is a little courage to step forward.

Robins writes, "All this requires braveness. But we need to have the confidence to run the programmes for real business performance. I’m not the man to write a detailed technology brief, but I do know what I want the tech to do; just as much as a client can’t give detailed digital media briefs but they should know what they want their marketing to achieve. Pioneering businesses like Rocket Fuel need pioneering approaches from businesses like agenda21. And agenda21 needs pioneering clients. And this requires somebody somewhere to be brave."

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