DLD14 - Predictive Computing: A.I. Gets Real

DLD14 - Predictive Computing: A.I. Gets Real Thumbnail

From serving ads and making investments to diagnosing disease, AI is making itself indispensable—and raising questions that can no longer be avoided. What does it mean for a machine to be intelligent? Will computers increasingly replace humans, or merely augment them? How will our legal and cultural frameworks accommodate autonomous devices? To provide answers, four of the top names in machine learning were brought to the 10th Annual International Digital-Life-Design Innovation Conference in Munich, Germany.

Watch as George John, Werner Vogels (Chief Technology Officer, Amazon), Ben Medlock (Founder, Swiftkey), and Manoj Saxena (General Manager, IBM Watson Solutions) discuss how platforms like Rocket Fuel's Advertising That Learns® and IBM's Watson power the economic future with artificial intelligence.