Infographic of the Week: Big Data Goes Back to School

Infographic of the Week: Big Data Goes Back to School Thumbnail

(by Eric Porres)

Much of the recent research around consumer shopping behavior has revolved around "moms" as the CEO of the household, and corresponding research on her habits as a shopper and what influences her shopping behavior, especially word-of-mouth and/or friend recommendations. Curiously though, one of the most interesting findings in our research reveals that dads are 5x more likely than moms to consider a friend's opinion when making a back-to-school purchase. Further, dads are more likely to use a mobile phone to shop online and in-store than moms or teens.

Less surprisingly, but shockingly from an index average perspective, moms and dads are 153x more likely than the average population to purchase a smartphone during the back-to-school season.

These, and other curious facts about back-to-school shopping, can be plundered from the infographic.

Check it out below or click here (for the 8.5x11 .pdf version) or here (for the 11x17 .pdf version).