Making Sense of the SoLoMo Landscape

Making Sense of the SoLoMo Landscape Thumbnail

(by Brian Ferrario)

The intersection of social, local, and mobile marketing represents an early and still untapped opportunity for marketers. To make some sense of the SoLoMo landscape, we developed a SoLoMo infographic that combines the most pertinent industry research with our own primary research to share what you need to know about these three often overlapping spheres of consumer influence.  

Did you know that people who check-in frequently using a service like Foursquare or Facebook are 23% more likely to consult with friends about buying a new car, and 69% more likely to be influenced by social sharing to listen to new music?  

These, as well as other tasty stats, are available today.  

Click the following links to download Rocket Fuel's SoLoMo infographic and share with your friends, coworkers, and possibly even your family.

SoLoMo - Standard 8.5x14 >

SoLoMo - Dinner Placemat 11x17 >