Rocket Fuel’s Advertising 2020: The Future of Advertising

Rocket Fuel’s Advertising 2020: The Future of Advertising Thumbnail

At SXSW 2014, Rocket Fuel brought together a high-profile panel of Ad-Tech visionaries to talk “Advertising 2020," a look at current trends in the advertising industry and where it’s headed in the second half of the decade.

Our experts predicted the potential ripple effects of the dramatic shift in the way media are consumed and advertising is bought and sold. For example, what it means to "watch television" will soon mean something fundamentally different than it used to. Will TV, the traditional marketing workhorse, be as effective reaching desired audiences as it once was? Will it change to adapt to new behaviors and trends?

Despite the turmoil, by realizing changes in consumer expectations, marketers can develop a whole new approach to achieving the same old goals.

See highlights of the discussion below and learn what marketers must know about the new consumer journey