Rocket Fuel Original Infographic: Moms Research Roundup

Rocket Fuel Original Infographic: Moms Research Roundup Thumbnail

"Moms" is the audience segment arguably most sought after by marketers—and with good reason. Research shows mothers control upwards of 80% of household spending in the United States while holding more than $2.3 trillion in buying power.

Although moms drive sales across several industry categories, connecting with them is a perpetual cat-and-mouse game for marketers. Research shows that moms’ busy lives make them short on time, and their propensity for using new technology scatters them across multiple marketing channels.

Mining insights that could help marketers hone the sheer purchasing clout of this demographic (women 25-54 by most definitions) makes it the subject of scores of studies each year. In fact, Rocket Fuel's research team fields so many requests for "mom" research, we decided to make all of it available in one place. Please fill out the form below to see our favorite motherly research from 2012 and 2013.

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