Who knew? Interesting Insights About Travel & Lodging Customers

Who knew? Interesting Insights About Travel & Lodging Customers Thumbnail

Wondering What's Tempting Travelers These Days?

(By Robert Jones) Rocket Fuel delivered more than 690 million impressions for Travel & Lodging campaigns in November, with more than 17 million of those delivered on behalf of this week's Wordle subject, a U.S.-based commercial airline. And while the topic of what types of content may portend a conversion on airline tickets may never cross your mind, it's exactly the kind of cool information that keeps Rocket Fuel up on winter nights. Some of the usual suspects apply here: Travel Agencies & Services, Tourist Destinations, and Travel. But the biggest driver was an interest in our nation's capital. Though, given the presidential election earlier in the month, it's not too difficult to come up with a few reasons for people to travel to DC in November (US and World News were major conversion drivers). Interest in nutrition and baked goods also drove higher conversion rates in November. We wouldn't be surprised to find out that a mad dash to stock up on election cupcakes at Georgetown Cupcake was the cause.