Big Data at Work in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul Thumbnail

Big Data at Work in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul

Big Data is all the rage in today's ad-tech space, but it has actually been used to predict the purchasing habits of customers for thousands of years. Believe it or not, Rocket Fuel's artificial intelligence and predictive models do (on a much larger scale) the same job as the successful merchants of ancient marketplaces and... read more»

Oracle Team USA gets Big Data Wet Thumbnail

Oracle Team USA gets Big Data Wet

An interviewer asked Oracle CEO Larry Ellison if it was worth spending $100 million to win the America’s Cup. Ellison answered that it was much better than spending $100 million to lose the America’s Cup. That $100 million may be low by about a factor of two, according to many estimates. Yacht racing is not a big time sport... read more»

The Serendipity of the Snow Ball Effect Thumbnail

The Serendipity of the Snow Ball Effect

(by Brian Ferrario) Rocket Fuel is excited  to announce that we’re among Data 2.0 Summit’s Top 100 innovators in the cloud data space. In fact, Rocket Fuel was the only company to win in two separate categories (Advertising & Targeting Data & API / Data Service Infrastructure). To us, it feels like we’re getting to hang out... read more»

Why “Real” Awards are Worth Winning Thumbnail

Why “Real” Awards are Worth Winning

(by Brian Ferrario) Rocket Fuel Named One of America’s Most Promising Companies. Who doesn’t like winning awards?  But truthfully — you never feel as good when it’s too easy, a pay-for-play, or popularity contest. Real awards, like Forbes list of America’s 100 Most Promising Companies, that come from real criteria, due... read more»

From “Mad Men” to Algorithms Thumbnail

From “Mad Men” to Algorithms

(by Brian Ferrario) George John wrote an article for Forbes today entitled It’s 9 p.m. Do You Know Where Your Ads Are? that takes an entertaining but educational view on the current state of digital media buying.  The key take away for CMOs of big brands – embrace the shift toward rational, computational, and algorithmic media... read more»