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George John on Bloomberg TV

CEO George John met with Bloomberg Television’s Emily Chang to talk about Rocket Fuel’s brand new listing on NASDAQ, and what makes it such a unique and powerful digital advertising partner. With all the hype swirling around Big Data and programmatic buying, there were plenty of questions for George about how the science... read more»

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The State of Rocket Fuel (via AdExchanger)

Rocket Fuel was profiled in an extensive interview with Rocket Fuel founder and CEO George John in AdExchanger today. Here are some of the highlights: "What we've done is plugged into the major [RTB] sources for inventory that give us 10 billion impressions a day and that we evaluate through four data centers across the US... read more»

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From “Mad Men” to Algorithms

(by Brian Ferrario) George John wrote an article for Forbes today entitled It’s 9 p.m. Do You Know Where Your Ads Are? that takes an entertaining but educational view on the current state of digital media buying.  The key take away for CMOs of big brands – embrace the shift toward rational, computational, and algorithmic media... read more»