Data Marketing Summit | Laguna Beach, CA

Rocket Fuel will be conducting a 20 minute Q&A session with Brian Morrissey on Tuesday morning, June 26th.

Building the Data-Driven Brand:  Data is changing the game. The opportunities with real-time insights into the behaviors and preferences of consumers is changing the way that marketers craft their strategies. The vast pools of consumer insight information available allow brands to improve individual campaign performance, develop deeper ties with existing customers and rethink how they develop new products and services. Data doesn't lie. It can be used to distinguish the best customers, getting the right message to them at the right time. But all this data -- coming from various digital channels like display, search, social and other sources -- doesn't necessarily mean insight. Brand marketers must sift through it to glean the right nuggets of truth. Brands convene at the Digiday Data Summit to discuss how they're navigating the data era to win over new customers and build loyalty among their existing ones.

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