OMMA RTB | New York

Rocket Fuel is will be attending this event and our CMO Eric Porres will be on the following panel:

2:45 PM | What’s The Attribution, Kenneth?

Data, data everywhere, but how do you attribute it in real-time? It is tough enough ascribing credit and blame across the major platforms and campaign elements. But when banners and data are flying at the speed of light, how does the planner make sense of real-time data flows in a lag-time universe of other media? And what kinds of data are the RTB executions giving off that can help inform not just optimization but future strategies across media? Two of the hottest topics in digital media, RTB and attribution, come together.


In the inaugural edition of OMMA RTB we pop the hood on this high tech star cruiser and take a hard look at the moving parts. How are these technologies differentiating themselves to a market of dazzled and daunted buyers? When and for whom do RTB-driven campaigns work ... and when not? Whither creative? What place does the human element and creativity play under the press of automation? What shape does optimization take at the speed of light? And, are marketers seeing the performance promised at the price they want? And what about inventory? Will major publishers really plug in and feed the machine the kind of online real estate that will impress the brands everyone wants to attract?

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