Rocket Fuel predicts shoppers’ habits in milliseconds

Rocket Fuel predicts shoppers’ habits in milliseconds Thumbnail

(by Krystal Peak)

Rocket Fuel set out to make marketing easier and more effective for brands that need to use their ad dollars wisely and move at rocket speed to capture customers and generate sales.

Now the Redwood City-based company is taking off, growing revenue 268 percent in 2011 over the prior year as more companies sign onto Rocket Fuel’s ad-buying platform.

That platform evaluates millions of data points about online shopping behavior to determine which online ad space to buy for customers, then bids on ad space that reaches the most likely buyers.

“What really excited customers who want to learn about our technology is that because we are using these complex algorithms and artificial intelligence, the software is able to learn and improve with each transaction,” said CEO George John. “So while the account manager is sleeping, the software is learning about each possible customer and what makes them more likely to buy their products.” read more >>