Rocket Fuel Targets Nielsen To Drive Data

Rocket Fuel Targets Nielsen To Drive Data

Ad targeting companies are always looking to improve their model. After all, a targeting algorithm and offline data is only as good as the sum of its parts. With that in mind, Rocket Fuel announced yesterday it will use aggregated consumer purchase data from The Nielsen Company to improve the effectiveness of its online advertising campaigns in real time. It will leverage offline sales data to create better model groups, and is touting its work with a group of virtual models to strut its stuff.

For almost a year, Rocket Fuel has been driving the ad campaign and paid user effort of IMVU. IMVU claims 50 million international registered users, most of them young women, who go to its site to build a personal avatar, dress it up, and chat in their virtual world. Of course the best outfit is the most desired, and that’s where Rocket Fuel helped. IMVU needed to induce its non-paid customer to buy virtual goods like dresses and accessories. That effort to get the right user to spend money has helped IMVU to double its revenue and reach a $40 million “run rate” over the past year.

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May 25, 2010