Who knew? Interesting Insights About Automotive Enthusiasts

Who knew? Interesting Insights About Automotive Enthusiasts

(By Robert Jones)

Avid Drivers are Driven to Safety

Looking at conversion data collected from over 50 million impressions across more than a hundred automotive campaigns in October 2012 reveals some interesting trends. The first shows us that consumers interested in emergency services content were more than 50x more likely to convert (and did so in volume) during the month. While many car-related categories also drove conversions, some other important categories that played an important role in the conversion process were Martial Arts Films, Computers & Electronics, Telecomm, Manufacturing, and Sports.

The data presented in this tag cloud shows the top interest categories with regard to conversion rate across all U.S. auto campaigns run in October. The results have been adjusted by the number of impressions served to consumers with each interest, to reflect which interests drove conversion at volume.

Check out all of the categories below to find even more correlations—the larger a category name, the higher its conversion rate and the more volume associated with it. Results have also been normalized to prevent one category from dwarfing the others.

Nov 26, 2012