Privacy Policy for Web Surfers

This policy covers all data on web surfers that we collect for the purpose of delivering and enhancing our advertising services. It does not cover our policy with respect to visitors to the Rocket Fuel Inc. website or individuals and corporations we do business with.

(Last updated: November 3, 2012)

Our Consumer Mission

At Rocket Fuel, we want to turn online ads from an annoyance into a useful complement to your web-surfing experience. We want to deliver personalized, well-chosen ads to help you discover things that interest you—new websites, new products, new bargains.

And we want to be the Rocket Fuel for the web that powers this discovery. We use lots of rocket science to pick the best ads to show, based on everything we know about the context: the ad itself, the page that needs an ad, the time of day and other external factors, and you.

How We Think of You

Before describing the kinds of data we collect, it's important to understand how we (and most other ad networks) identify you and other web surfers. We have no idea who you are. We place an anonymous identifier in a cookie on your web browser, so to us you are just "surfer82" for example. You may also be "surfer99" to us if you use two different browsers (Firefox and IE, for example) on the same computer, and also "surfer118" to us if you use another computer, and even “surfer234” if you sometimes use the browser on your iPhone when you surf the web. And if you share one of those computers with a roommate, frankly we can't tell for sure who is who, so "surfer99" may in fact be a mixture of the two of you.

We don't request or store anything that is personally-identifiable information (PII). We don't know your name, address, phone number, or email address.  We prohibit our partners from sharing this information with us, and we require that they also either not collect PII, or, if they do, that they not merge PII with anonymous data they may receive from, or share with us.

The Information We Collect

To learn about the ads you might like or dislike, we may ask you questions directly—for example, we might ask about which ads, products, or brands you like or dislike. We may collect information about our interactions with you, such as which ads we've shown you and on which pages, whether you clicked them, the IP address the ad request came from, etc. We may collect information about our partners' interactions with you—for example, by placing pixels on an advertiser's webpage so we can know if you ultimately purchased an item they had advertised with us. We may partner with other companies that are permitted to share anonymous information with us. For example, we may partner with companies to learn the kinds of products you like to buy online. We remember this information for up to 30 months.

As an example, we may use health-related segments such as "Frequent Buyers > Health & Wellness Buyers" (Click here for a complete health segment list.)

How We Use that Information

Seeing all this information allows us to find historical patterns that help us select better ads in the future. For example, we might learn that an ad for mp3 downloads works better on users who've previously clicked ads for mp3 players, or we might learn that a coffee ad works better in the morning. Our system will test millions of possibilities along these lines and build a giant formula to predict future responses.

If we can make ads more useful and interesting for you, we'll also make you more valuable to the web—your visits will make websites more money per ad, allowing them to reduce the overall number of ads they show, and powering their investment in better products and more free features and content. We'll also make the web more valuable to advertisers, helping them make more money on their online campaigns, which will cause them to shift more advertising online, which will support even more websites with even more useful content and features.

Opting Out

It's a virtuous cycle we're happy to be part of, and we hope you're equally happy with your role in this endeavor. But if you're not, please click here to opt out of personalized ads based on the Rocket Fuel cookie, or here to opt out of other personalized advertising via the Network Advertising Initiative’s opt-out page.

If you opt out, you'll still see ads from us online, and we'll still do our best to serve the most relevant ads we can. We just won't know it's you, so we won't be able to apply any of your ad preferences. Note that we'll still maintain a cookie on your computer to track that you've opted out. That opt-out cookie (like all cookies) is associated with a particular computer and browser. So, for example, if you get a new computer, install a new browser, or clear your cookies, you’ll need to opt-out again. If you change your mind, click here to opt back in.

Industry Memberships

Rocket Fuel is a member of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), an organization working to educate people and help them manage their online privacy. Rocket Fuel adheres to the NAI's Code of Conduct.

As part of compliance with the DAA's self-regulation program, Rocket Fuel is fully licensed and certified to deploy the Advertising Option icon (Ad Choices).

Ad Choices Logo

You can learn more about the program here >

Information Sharing

We produce reports and analytics for our business partners, and we may share non-personally identifiable information with them. We may disclose information to third parties when we reasonably believe we are obligated to do so by law or as necessary to protect ourselves or others. Finally, we may transfer information to a successor entity in connection with a corporate change in control such as a merger or acquisition.

We may update this policy from time to time. If we do, we'll note the change on the Rocket Fuel homepage.

Please direct questions to privacy@rocketfuel.com or send mail to:

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