Rocket Fuel quantifies social impact of display media for Belvedere Vodka, and delivers a 22% lift in "Likes" on Facebook

Lifts “Likes” 22%
Lifts “Likes” 22% results


Successfully isolated the impact of display media on the growth of Facebook “Likes” and determined the cost to acquire a Facebook “Like” for Belvedere Vodka via display media.

Model successfully isolated a 22% lift in Belvedere Facebook “Likes” from external display media.


Belvedere Vodka was the first to create a new standard for excellence in the vodka category, and is credited with creating the luxury vodka segment.


Determine the cost to generate a Facebook “Like” via display media run outside Facebook.


Rocket Fuel built a custom model that predicted the baseline daily “Like” growth based on current “Like” level, trend, and seasonality information. The difference between predicted and actual “Like” count identified the effect of external display-media impressions and clicks on “Like” growth.

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