Rocket Fuel heats up purchase behavior 680% and outperforms performance goals 300% for Johns Manville

Increases sales 680%
Increases sales 680% results


Johns Manville, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is a leading manufacturer and marketer of premium-quality products for building insulation, mechanical insulation, commercial roofing, and roof insulation, as well as fibers and nonwovens for commercial, industrial, and residential applications. The company serves markets that include aerospace, automotive and transportation, air handling, appliance, HVAC, pipe and equipment, filtration, waterproofing, building, flooring, interiors, and wind energy. When it came time to strengthen Johns Manville’s digital advertising efforts, Faction Media contacted Rocket Fuel. The results have been outstanding, and continue to build.


  • Performed at 300 times CPA goal
  • Increased purchase behavior 680%
  • Successfully scaled to twice the budget while lowering the CPA

“Our Rocket Fuel results couldn’t have been more impressive. For Faction Media, it’s important to have the right partner that can provide a more complex solution beyond an efficient and cost-effective adserving platform. Our clients expect maximum return on their ad dollars, so there’s no room for ineffectual cheap impressions anywhere in our campaigns. Rocket Fuel's technology was able to drive engagement across all of our target segments, but the deep analysis they’re able to provide is what sets them apart from others we’ve evaluated."

—Dave Greves, Co-founder and CEO, Faction Media

Customer goals

  • Drive awareness of Johns Manville by inspiring onsite engagements

Big Data audience discoveries

When advertisers work with Rocket Fuel, their advertising learns and improves. What did we learn about the ideal audience for Johns Manville? They tend to be:

  • DIY: Do-it-yourself audience
  • DIFM: Do-it-for-me audience

Why Rocket Fuel?

  • Exceptional past performance with other accounts at agency
  • Unrivaled analytics
  • Superior technical expertise

Products Used

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