Let’s run a smarter campaign. Let’s read metrics in real time and get to know your audience better, faster. By optimizing on the fly, your marketing goes way beyond clicks. We’ll help you maximize the metrics that matter online and off. With Rocket Fuel, it’s never your typical media buy.

Rocket Fuel Display Campaign Attracts New Audience

Rocket Fuel Display Campaign Attracts New Audience

German-based Seniorbook reaches web's fastest-growing audience -- senior users -- with Rocket Fuel's display products.

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No other vendors do what they do. One campaign performed at 300 times our CPA goal, and another gained a 680% increase in purchase behavior. Rocket Fuel delivers!."

Dave Greves
Co-Founder & CEO
Faction Media

Rocket Fuel was our top partner. They even beat out Google and Facebook. Rocket Fuel drove down our CPC by 29% during the six-week test. They also upheld an extremely strong CTR…."

Gene Cameron
VP Marketing
Evolution Robotics

The Rocket Fuel team has done an incredible job on this account. They have been very strategic in building our interactive plans, and gave us 5,000 new conversions at a CPA 40%…."

John Lee
Associate Media Director
TargetCast New York

We tested Rocket Fuel for Choice Hotels nearly three years ago, and since then they have become for all Choice Hotels regional efforts. We have since increased budgets, with growth…."

Jessica Cox
Media Supervisor
MMGY Global

Based on Rocket Fuel's reputation, we tried them for their display and FBX capabilities. Our goal was conservative, but we got an amazing number of conversions. We're thrilled…."

Carmen Priebner
Senior Online Marketing Manager

Talk about stellar performance! Rocket Fuel just killed it for us. Again. Over the last three years, I've overseen countless ad programs with multiple partners. And, 99 times…."

Victor Faria
Supervisor, Digital
Initiative (Toshiba)

We used Rocket Fuel for both display and video. Rocket Fuel was one of a few partners, but quickly became the most efficient driver with great CTR and amazing video-completion…."

Mike Swisher
Media Planner
Essence Digital

Rocket Fuel really helped us build awareness and reach the unique audience we were after. Through both display and FBX, we connected with people from the 40- to 65-year-old age…."

Robin Riemel
Marketing Manager

Rocket Fuel helped us convert our competitors' customers by combining offline sales data with online behaviors in display media and pre-roll video. They gave us an efficient,…."

Ann Daly
Media Planner

Since spacedealer shifted a major part of our display advertising budget to Rocket Fuel, we have seen a significant increase in sales. I am convinced (and delighted) that we,…."

Benjamin Scholl
Online Marketing Manager

Rocket Fuel has a long track record of helping to deliver great performance for Brooks. When they came to us with a dynamic, personalized ad solution for Facebook Exchange, we…."

David Kornfield
eCommerce Marketing Manager,
Brooks Running Company

For our client, increasing consideration among key customer segments is critical to driving offline success. Rocket Fuel's Audience Guarantee offering enabled us to do just that…."

Lance Whitehead
Associate Director, Digital