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Audience Accelerator
Effortlessly Scale Your Audience With Spectacular Results

Scale and optimize your audience effortlessly and extend your reach as much as fivefold with targeted results framed from your first party data. Audience Accelerators proven AI technology and actionable campaign analysis lets clients start selling right away.



Create Appealing New Products for Your Advertisers

You already have an audience. We help you monetize it beyond your existing site traffic. Audience Accelerator gives you the ability to model your audience profile with information based specifically on your proprietary data, and instantly scale to your sales offerings.


Massively Scale Your Audience

Audience Accelerator partners typically see up to a fivefold increase in targeted audience inventory, including mobile and preroll offerings. You’ll never again turn down an RFP or insertion order due to inventory or targeting limitations. 


Increase Advertiser Renewal Rates

Impress your advertisers with results. Our proprietary optimization technology utilizes dozens of online and offline data providers for targeted reach extension with brand-safe inventory.


Attract New Advertisers

Our advanced algorithms identify audience patterns and behavior specific to your site traffic allowing us to open new, relevant markets for your sales team.


An Unparalleled Integrated Platform

Publishers no longer have to cobble together multiple solutions to deliver audience extension. Audience Accelerator delivers the best of DMPs, DSPs, and a seat on an exchange, enabling you to fulfill nearly 100 percent of any ad budget.


Audience Accelerator’s proven technology platform offers:

  • Audience segmentation based on engagement
  • Optimization to real-time results
  • Integration with 25 data providers
  • Actionable analytics
  • The ability to monetize data outside your own traffic


A Hassle-free Solution

There is no need to invest in technology or operational infrastructure, or hire vertical experts. Our full-service team handles everything from implementation to execution. Audience Accelerator requires minimum setup to get started, letting you begin selling right away.