What moves people also moves your product. In real time, Rocket Fuel takes measurements on how people feel—about your brand, your message, and, most importantly, their intent to purchase. Now you can have a finger on the pulse of your marketing programs so you can optimize them on the fly. Make sure the story you want to tell is always on.

Discover Your Audience

With attention spread far and wide across different channels and devices, finding the right audience in the right context is critical. Rocket Fuel’s incredible scale across display, video, social, and mobile channels with access to over 900 million daily uniques provides more opportunities to engage with your desired consumer each month than ever before.

In addition to offering custom targeting based on thousands of audience segments enabled by built-in integrations with over 70 leading data partners, Rocket Fuel also offers Audience Guarantee with daily inputs from Nielsen and comScore, allowing you to plan and execute your buys efficiently across TV and digital.

Why Rocket Fuel?

  • Improved audience precision
  • Built-in third-party verification
  • Advanced audience discovery
  • Cost-efficient incremental reach
  • Informative cross-channel reporting


Increase Engagement

With so many opportunities to engage with your desired consumers each day, how do you ensure your ads are delivered in the right context? How do you know those ads are delivering a meaningful impact? At Rocket Fuel, we offer a plethora of formats and channels to help you build and deliver attention-grabbing creative - giving you countless opportunities to engage your audience.


Build awareness, generate intent, or reinforce offline messaging across user-initiated, in-stream, pre-roll video inventory. Add a little pizazz to your video ads by incorporating the option for a viewer to interact with the ad as well (think a social media click-through button or overlay, or a micro-site opening up within the video player).

High Impact Display and Mobile

Rich media creative units have also been proven to be effective when it comes to really drawing a consumer in and getting them to engage. Whether you have existing creatives to run or need help developing them, we leverage key partnerships with leading display and mobile rich media vendors to help you generate and serve just the kinds of impactful creative units you’re envisioning.


We know how important it is for your ads to be given the opportunity to be seen. In order to ensure high viewability standards across all campaigns, we partner with leading MRC-accredited measurement vendors to continually ingest, optimize, and report on viewability data. Our clients can rest assured that they will receive transparency into their ads’ viewability so they can focus on the performance metrics that matter most for their business.


Drive Brand Lift

Whether your objective is to build awareness, increase favorability, or drive purchase intent, Rocket Fuel’s unique brand optimization helps your media learn, act, and evolve on what is truly driving brand lift for your audience.

Rocket Fuel’s proprietary, patent-pending brand lift optimization offering learns in-flight what’s moving the needle for your brand objective—using audience, contextual, and creative insights to incrementally increase brand lift over time. It works by leveraging our own surveys to collect thousands of responses from control and exposed audiences. By then analyzing which segments have the highest incremental lift, we allocate media delivery accordingly, resulting in superior brand performance and rich consumer insights that can be fed into future campaign initiatives. In addition to our own survey-based brand lift offering, Rocket Fuel supports third-party validation with leading brand-measurement providers.


Maximize Offline Activity and Sales

For most marketers, the ultimate measure of advertising impact is the dollar-for-dollar return on investment. Did your ads ultimately drive a consumer to purchase your product online or in-store?

Rocket Fuel has developed a comprehensive partner ecosystem to close the loop between online campaigns and offline activity. For marketers interested in understanding the direct impact of mobile ad spend on in-store visits, Rocket Fuel offers Local Lift. This offering is enabled through our strategic partnership with Placed, the leader in visit-based attribution, and drives real-world business outcomes through massive programmatic scale and accurate hyper-local targeting.

In addition to understanding how mobile ad spend drives in-store visits, Rocket Fuel can take it one step further and help marketers understand which online campaign tactics maximize offline sales. With our in-flight optimization to offline sales, Rocket Fuel can make smarter media decisions based on what’s actually moving products online or off the shelves.

Rocket Fuel’s offline sales solutions span multiple verticals including Automotive, CPG, Financial Services, Pharma, QSR, Retail, Travel, and many more.

Find out more by viewing our partner ecosystem, our branded case studies, or by contacting your Rocket Fuel representative.